Shipping policy

Shipping policy

All orders under 150,00 Euros are with 12,29 Euro shipping costs flat within Europe.
From 150,00 Euro value of the goods the dispatch within Europe is free of charge.

All orders under 200,00 Euros are with 34,99 Euro shipping costs flat outside Europe.
From 200,00 Euro value of the goods the dispatch within Europe is free of charge.
Unfortunately, we can not provide a natural discount or free item for countries where the package goes through customs, so are the customs regulations.

For deliveries only against payment in advance.
From 15,00, -Euro order value we deliver free shipping is done in Germany.
With an order value below 15,00, -Euro the shipping costs incl. Packaging 3,39 -Euro.
Delivery service DPD, DHL, Hermes.

Online payment method
PayPal (credit card, direct debit, bank transfer)

If not received the goods, we check where the supply is.
If Defective Goods we ask you to send the truth to us
and we will replace them at once. You get to our taste a new delivery free shipping.

Attention to all EU buyers who do not live in Germany.

!!!!!! NEW Europe Rule !!!!!

From 01.07.2021
Changes to VAT for cross-border deliveries in the EU from July 2021.

This means that from 01.07.21 you will no longer pay 19% VAT.
You will still pay the same amount of VAT as in your country.

For example, a buyer from Italy will still pay 19% VAT when buying before 01.07.21.

From 01.07.21 the buyer from Italy pays 22% VAT.

So if the VAT in your country is higher than 19%, you should make your purchase before 01.07.21 so that you can still save now.

We will send the VAT from your purchase in your country via the EU One Stop Shop (OSS) procedure.

Attenzione a tutti gli acquirenti dell'UE che non vivono in Germania.

!!!!!! Nuovo regolamento europeo !!!!!

Dal 01.07.2021
Modifiche all'IVA per le consegne transfrontaliere nell'UE da luglio 2021.

Questo significa che dal 01.07.21 non pagherete più l'IVA al 19%.
Continuerete a pagare la stessa quantità di IVA del vostro paese.

Per esempio, un acquirente dall'Italia pagherà ancora il 19% di IVA quando acquista prima del 01.07.21.

Dal 01.07.21, l'acquirente dall'Italia pagherà il 22% di IVA.

Quindi, se l'IVA nel tuo paese è superiore al 19%, dovresti fare il tuo acquisto prima del 01.07.21 in modo da poter risparmiare ancora adesso.

Invieremo l'IVA del suo acquisto nel suo paese tramite la procedura One Stop Shop (OSS) dell'UE.