RAU O2 Serie

RAU O2 Serie

Our O2 series is based on the latest findings of cosmetic research and supports the oxygen supply of the skin. The O2 series is therefore particularly recommended for oxygen-deficient, pale skin and smokers' skin. It has also proven itself for skin in need of regeneration and to combat pimples.
O2 oxygen is our most elementary elixir of life and the skin also absolutely needs enough oxygen for its daily regeneration and the absorption of nutrients. Dead skin flakes are replaced by newly formed cells, which are not able to feed without sufficient oxygen supply. The products of our O2 series start exactly here, they supply the skin with moisture and additionally stimulate the skin metabolism, so that your skin shines again.
Better blood circulation A better supply of oxygen also leads to improved blood circulation, which is the key to healing spots of spots. A basic technique to actively accelerate the disappearance of pimples is to improve the blood flow to the skin. Make sure that your skin gets enough fresh air, avoid smoking and additionally support your skin with oxygen-rich cosmetics. This can support you in the fight against pimples.

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O2 Ampoule 10 Stück x 2 ml

Product no.: RC18799-10

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New O2 Concentrate 30 ml

Product no.: RC18799-30

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New O2 Ampoule 3 Stück x 2 ml

Product no.: RC18799-3

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